Truck Covers in Savage, MN

Quality Features That Make a Difference

Tarps Inc. manufactures custom truck covers that keep safety, quality, and affordability in mind. We have lumber and steel tarps in stock as well.


Shelter-Right® fabric by Seaman Corporation is internationally trusted and preferred, delivering an over-the-road performance that had made Seaman Corporation the world’s #1 supplier of truck tarp material. Seaman’s advanced weaving, coating and seaming technologies resist wicking, tearing and fading to produce tarps for domestic, foreign, commercial and non-commercial semi and recreational trucks. Plus, the fabric is available in a wide range of standard or even custom colors.

All first quality american made goods – No seconds.

Dee Rings

  • 1 1/8 inch nickel plated welded steel (not zinc plated)


  • #4 brass spur washer (no aluminum or flat washers)


  • All seams R.F. welded (not sewn or hot air welded)
  • All sewing is lock stitched (no chain stitching)

To learn more about our high quality truck covers, or our additional wide range of commercial and residential products contact us today.