Boat Covers in Savage, MN

At Tarps Inc., we specialize in custom covers for fishing boats and runabouts 12 – 24 feet long. We also repair all boat and lift covers.

Boat Cover Cleaning Instructions

Boat Lift Covers

Custom Canopies made from 18 ounce polyester coated vinyl. Custom fit for longevity and appearance. Many colors to choose from.

Tonneau or Cockpit Covers

A Tonneau, or Cockpit Cover, is a snap-on cover made with 100% polyester. It snaps onto the top of the windshield and around the back of the boat, covering the cockpit area.

Bow Covers

A Bow Cover snaps around the open bow with a post, or fiberglass bow, in the center to keep water from pocketing.

Travel Covers

Custom made Travel Covers are tailored to fit your boat. These covers are made with 100% polyester, with vinyl reinforcements over corners, stress areas, swivel seat brackets, and anything else that could rub through the cover. A shock cord through the hem helps to snug the cover tight to the boat for better traveling.

Convertible Top or Sun Top

A Convertible Top, or Sun Top, snaps onto the windshield, rising 10-12 inches above the height of the windshield, and is supported by a set of aluminum bows. The side curtains are made of clear vinyl and attach with zippers and snaps.


A Camperback, attaches to the back of the Convertible top, with another set of bows, another set of sides, and a stern cover.

Boat Cover Gallery

Please note that all covers are custom made to your boat and requires your boat to be in our shop for 1 – 2 days and are available by appointment only! Call us at 952-890-9390 to contact us and make your appointment today.